The Middlesex Small-Bore Rifle Association exists to bring together small-bore rifle and airgun clubs located within the County of Middlesex, and organise teams to represent the County in competitions. We also represent our clubs and shooters at the national level, through the NSRA.

The Middlesex Small-Bore Rifle Association is an association of Rifle Clubs in Middlesex. It organises competitions and County Teams for the benefit of Middlesex shooters and represents Middlesex shooters at the National level by sending a representative to the NSRA Shooting Council. Its members are principally Middlesex clubs, but it is also possible for an individual who lives in Middlesex but is a member of a club outside Middlesex to be an associate member.

The MSBRA is run by a management committee consisting of officers who are elected at the Annual General Meeting, and club representatives. Currently, the officers of the committee are as follows:-

President Mr. M.J. Chapman
Chairman Mr. J. Adams
Vice Chairman Mr. T.A. Eustance
Honorary Secretary Mr. A. Shipman
Honorary Treasurer Mr. C. Saunders
NSRA Council Representative Mr. M.R. Phipps
Rifle Captain Mr. C. Garnham
Rifle Vice Captain (acting) Mr. T.A. Eustance
Ladies Rifle Captain Ms. J. Brown
Junior Rifle Captain Ms. J. Brown
Air Rifle Captain Mr. Y. Aung
Air Pistol Captain Mr. A. Hawkins
Rifle Statistical Officer Mr. J. Adams
Pistol Statistical Officer Mr. A. Hawkins
Airgun Statistical Officer Mr. J. Adams
Awards Officer Mr. A. Shipman
Publicity Officer Mr. C. Garnham
Chief Rifle Coach Mr. L. Winter
Chief Pistol Coach Mr. K. Mower

Affiliated clubs are encouraged to send a representative to each committee meeting. Club representatives will have the same voting rights as elected officers.