The Middlesex Small-Bore Rifle Association exists to bring together small-bore rifle and airgun clubs located within the County of Middlesex, and organise teams to represent the County in competitions. We also represent our clubs and shooters at the national level, through the NSRA.

Middlesex has produced a number of top-flight marksmen and women over the years, and the Middlesex Small-Bore Rifle Association is proud to have supported them. For many club shooters, their first taste of competition might be our Postal Leagues for Club teams, shot on your own club's range. The next step is often attending Open Meetings at other ranges, such as our Championship Meetings. We run County teams in various National leagues and competitions - you may be asked to take part sooner than you might think!

Beyond county competitions, there are week-long National meetings in England and Scotland, Home Countries teams, Great Britain matches, and regional and national development squads leading to world cup matches and ultimately the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics.